Thanks for being part of the project!

I’m hoping you will commit to planting your grass seeds in at least 4 different locations (on 4 different occasions) and register their coordinates on the google map documenting the project. Instructions as to how to use the map can be found on the sign-up page.

You will receive an emails from me in the spring with updates and things to think about as you prepare to plant your seeds. [*can’t perform all 4 of your plantings during the spring? no problem, hold onto your seeds and plant them in the fall! Emails will be archived on this page].

As you participate in this project, consider planting your seeds during the times when TERRA is passing overhead. Generally, this lasts for about 6 to 10 minutes a number of times a day.

If you’re not able to plant your seeds when TERRA is overhead, take a second to think about what other satellites might be passing when you do – you can do a search based on your specific location using the website.

A number of prompts to think about while TERRA passes overhead will be sent out via email and added to the list below – take a second to think about them when you plant your seeds as well.

To consider while TERRA passes over us:

* October 5, 2020 email [#1 – VERTICAL PERSPECTIVES].
* October 12, 2020 email [#2 – DISTANCE].
* October 19, 2020 email [#3 – COLOUR].
* October 26, 2020 email [#4 – BOUNDARIES].
* April 25, 2021 email [#1 Disparity].
* May 2, 2021 email [#2 The image as a representation of land].
* May 9, 2021 email [#3 Spread].
* May 16, 2021 email [#4 Time].