Thanks for being part of the project!

I’m hoping you will commit to planting your grass seeds in multiple locations (on different occasions) and register their coordinates on the google map documenting the project. Instructions as to how to use the map can be found on the sign-up page.

You will receive an emails from me with updates and things to think about as you prepare to plant your seeds. [*can’t perform all of your plantings during the fall? no problem, hold onto your seeds and plant them in the spring! Emails will be archived on this page].

As you participate in this project, consider planting your seeds during the times when TERRA is passing overhead. Generally, this lasts for about 6 to 10 minutes a number of times a day.

If you’re not able to plant your seeds when TERRA is overhead, take a second to think about what other satellites might be passing when you do – you can do a search based on your specific location using the website.

A number of prompts to think about while TERRA passes overhead will be sent out via email and added to the list below – take a second to think about them when you plant your seeds as well.

Archived Emails:

Emails and prompts from past iterations:
* October 5, 2020 [#1 – VERTICAL PERSPECTIVES].
* October 12, 2020 [#2 – DISTANCE].
* October 19, 2020 [#3 – COLOUR].
* October 26, 2020 [#4 – BOUNDARIES].
* April 25, 2021 [#1 Disparity].
* May 2, 2021 [#2 The image as a representation of land].
* May 9, 2021 [#3 Spread].
* May 16, 2021 [#4 Time].
* September 20, 2023 [Prompt #1].
* September 26, 2023 [Prompt #2].
* October 3, 2023 [Prompt #3].